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 Eradicate Bed Bugs with Blitz BedBug Spray

Eradicate Bed Bugs with Blitz BedBug Spray

> Over 5,000 satisfied customers

> Blitz Bed Bug Spray is Guaranteed to Kill Bed Bugs within 48 hours of contact, it starts to kill immediately

> 30 day Money Back Guarantee

> Easy to use, no need to call in pest control companies who can be both invasive and distressing.

> No need to vacate your premises or close-off the room.

> Bedrooms can be occupied immediately following treatment

> An entirely natural product based upon plant extract from sustainable sources, environmentally friendly and non toxic

> Tested by the experts at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

> Approved by the Health & Safety Executive for domestic and professional use

> A very effective preventative